Highway/Transit Projects

As a DoT-certified producer of precast systems for Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland, Slaw Precast is the premier manufacturer of precast concrete for demanding highway applications.

The projects listed in the Highway/Transit section highlight our capacities. These include the construction of structural pillars, stone-appearance stamping, precast highway pavement, and new and replacement railings for existing bridges. Further, Slaw Precast is a certified producer of InversetTM bridges, such as the one we constructed for the Rhode Island DoT in 2011.

Our proven production methods, experience, and quality standards have allowed us to win numerous PCI awards. Contractors see this benefit in the form of a superior product that is delivered at a savings of thousands of dollars over similar, inferior wall systems.

Photo of Meadowlands Viaduct

Meadowlands Viaduct


A new light-rail passenger line for owner NJTransit

Inverset TM Bridge

Inverset TM Bridge

New England

Bridge Reconstruction for Rhode Island DoT

Begun 3/2011

Completed 11/2011

Engineer: Gordon R. Archibald, Inc

The Inverset system is a composite unit, or combination, of steel bridge beam(s) and concrete bridge decking, produced together at our plant and shipped out as a unit. Inverset can have an integral, ready-to-drive-on wearing surface on the deck, or it can be paved over once set.

In other words, the existing bridge can be torn out in a few days or weeks, with a new bridge structure—including beams and decking—set into place virtually overnight. No more shutting down bridges for a year or two for traditional construction.

Burnt Mill Bridge

Burnt Mill Rd. Bridge

Somerset Co., NJ

Bridge Railing Replacement

Begun 1/2009

Completed 6/2009

Engineer: Cherry, Weber, and Associates

Talmage Avenue Bridge

Talmage Avenue Bridge

Bound Brook, NJ

Bridge Railing replacement

Begun 2/2007

Completed 7/2007

Engineer: T&M Associates

Raritan River Bridge

Raritan River Bridge

Hunterdon Co., NJ

Bridge Railing Construction

Begun 10/2005

Completed 2/2006

Engineer: Maser Consulting

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