Slaw Precast's concrete products find use in a number of demanding applications, from architectural structures like stadiums, multi-tenant buildings and parking garages to highways and more.


Slaw Precast creates structures that effectively blend form and function. From simple exterior walls to complete multi-unit housing and office structures, our variety of precast architectural solutions provides design flexibility, unsurpassed quality, security, and value. More →


Slaw Precast has produced dozens of new parking garages over the years, as well as expanding the capacity of existing parking structures where matching component finishes is of critical importance. More →


Slaw Precast is the premier manufacturer of precast concrete for demanding highway applications. More →


Having participated in many stadium projects, Slaw Precast has the experience and knowledge to accelerate the successful completion of stadium construction. More →


Precast concrete combines strength and durability with design sophistication.

In production, precast is manufactured faster and with more flexibility than other materials. In the field, precast simplifies construction by minimizing labor and simplifying site access.

Other materials cannot match the concrete advantages provided by precast.